Groom Genie Brings out the Grrrr and the Purrrr




The Groom Genie doesn’t look like any other “traditional” grooming tool. It comes in a large and a small for dogs and there is a cat version. While it may look “bulky”, it is in fact surprising lightweight and perfectly ergonomically designed for a comfy fit in the hand. It has small curves along the edge exactly where your fingers are supposed to be placed while using it which ultimately makes it very easy to use.

Moose Checking Out The Larger Version Of The Groom Genie


Moose, the four- year-old longhaired chihuahua was the canine product tester and  thoroughly enjoyed his brush outs His mom says he can be a little sensitive sometimes,  but tolerated the Genie on his tender tummy areas and loved the feel on the rest of his body. It’s easy to clean s simply pulling the loose hair out of the  flexible bristles.

On the feline side, Fudge doesn’t like to be groomed. She always fusses and looks for an instant escape route. The “feel” of the Genie on her fur was so light that she is happy to sit and allow herself to be brushed.

The Groom Genie is a great little tool if you are traveling with your pets, particularly your dog and need to brush up fur to “freshen-up” the coat.

The Groom Genie is ideal for both home use and when you are about and about. Thus is gets my Must Have Stamp of Approval.

Product testers for this review were Moose and  Fudge.