Ways to WOW !

Please serve my snack already!
Favorite snack

It’s uncanny. Fudge and Ziggy instinctively know when a box delivered to the front door is for them. The latest arrival from Fancy Feast containing the four newest chicken-flavored Broths was no exception. They eagerly helped me unpack pouches of the new flavors along with a cute little broths bowl for serving what is undoubtedly their favorite snack.

My cats have been enjoying the Broths for a while now and are huge fans of the fish flavors. So I was thrilled when Fancy Feast hired (and compensated) me to take part in their #WaysToWOW campaign to promote the newest editions to the line-up. As for Fudge and Ziggy, because of my work, they are professional product testers and were only too happy to be part of any PIFF program – payment in free food!

Cats are notoriously picky about their treats and I find myself constantly having to change up flavors and textures for Fudge and Ziggy. Treats are important because they are a catalyst, if you will you will, in enhancing the human-animal bond. They can change up games around the home and of course are a great reward for good behavior, or in learning new things such as sitting on command or giving a high five. Ziggy is becoming a pro.

The Fancy Feast Broths are what I like to call a snackable-treat. And since I originally discovered them when they were first released on the cat treat shelf, they have come to play a very important role in Fudge’s life. She is a nibbler and, in fact, needs to be coaxed to her food bowl. I have found that the Broths work as an appetite enhancer and prompt her to eat and hence head for her bowl for a meal.

Fudge waiting for her morning Broths-kickstarter for the day
Fudge waiting for her morning Broths kickstarter for the day

I kick start my day with a cup of freshly brewed coffee and have developed a lovely morning routine whereby while my coffee is brewing, I give Fudge her morning “pick-me-up” in the form of a pouch of Broths. She laps it up and then heads to the food bowl for breakfast.

Ziggy and I have a totally different routine. He likes to play wand games. He will in fact bring me a wand toy, drop it at my feet and paw my leg to get the games going. He does this several times a day and I always oblige because it gets me away from my desk and keep him engaged and active. But every afternoon, when I am in the kitchen again preparing coffee, he will bring his toy and drop it in front of the cupboard where the Broths are kept. So we play a game and then when I drink my coffee, he gets his treat — a Broths bowl.

Ziggy tucks in to Chicken and Veggies.

The broths come in a “silky” texture that is like a consommé and a creamy one. The latest recipes are two silky-styled ones namely chicken and vegetables and chicken, vegetables and whitefish. The creamy styled options are chicken and vegetables and a tuna, chicken and whitefish combo.

Fudge and Ziggy tucked into the new flavors and declared them all to have the “WOW” factor. I never thought they would like the creamy texture over the clear broth, but the latter definitely the flavor of the moment.

Because the snack is a broth, both cats tend to lap at it and, in doing so, send morsels of fish or chicken over the side of the dish. So I have taken to placing a paper plate underneath to help with their mop-up operations. And a plate can be used numerous times before its deemed ready for throwing away. This saves me from wiping down the kitchen counter, or the floor.

Learn more about the range at www.WowServedDaily.com . I have shopped around and find that Walmart has the best price to stock up. #WaysToWow