Wetnoz Flexi Bowls


A food bowl is a food bowl. Right?


I am a big fan of stainless steel because its very easy to keep clean. And when a bowl is combined  with a placemat in order to control food flung by messy eaters, its a win win.

The Wetnoz Flexi Bowls combine  both this functions offering pet parents   not only practical but very stylish dinnerware for both cats and dogs.

The bowls are easily removable from the silicone mat. They are available in singles as well as a duo which works well as a food and water combo station. And the colors work well with current color schemes.


These bowls are a Must Have for messy eaters and they gets my Must Have Stamp of Approval.

Product tester for this review was Fudge. ( Don’t let her know she’s messy…)