I recently worked at the Race for The Rescues event in Silverado, California with Toyota, talking pet safety in vehicles. They bring the cars and I equip them with various restraining devices to show to pet parents that there are choices when it comes to restraining a dog in a car.

It is really not safe to allow a dog freedom to move around in a moving vehicle. If the brakes are suddenly applied, that dog becomes a projectile that can cause a nasty accident that may even result in the death of the dog and injury to other passengers too.

At this event I got to use the Solvit Jumbo On-Seat Booster seat that is now called the Pet Safety Seat™. The seat has a crash-tested safety tether, and what the company called Safe-T-Core™ technology, a system of molded panels that fasten together permanently, creating a lightweight, yet super-strong structure, tested to 175 lbs. It was easy to assemble and install.

It is without doubt the roomiest booster seat I have ever worked with. It’s designed to take pets weighting up to 30 lbs room and is perfect for multiple smaller pets to share strapped side by side.

Here is the biggest plus for me. The inside floor of the basket is nine inches above the vehicle seat so pets can easily see out while traveling. And that’s what matters most to smaller dogs. They really want a ride with a view.

Further, the seat is covered by Solvit’s Lifetime Warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.

The SOLVIT Pet Safety Seat gets my Must Have stamp of approval.