Grumpkins To Celebrate Howl’oween

If you love to carve pumpkins for  Howl’oween and you happen to be a fan of Grumpy Cat, this year you can have Grumpkins sitting on your front lawn thanks to sculptor Ray Villafane who has created a unique Grump-O-Lantern stencil of the famous Friskies spokescat.

“Sculpting distinctive pieces is a serious passion of mine that has allowed me to meet many fascinating people and celebrities over the years, but I haven’t come across anyone as furry and grumpy as Grumpy Cat!” said Ray Villafane. “Teaming up with Friskies and PetSmart to bring the Grump-O-Lantern to life with my own personal touch using the exclusive stencil has been such a fun experience for me. What’s great about this stencil is that you don’t have to be a skilled sculptor to create a Grump-O-Lantern that will impress all the neighbors.”

You can download the stencil from and you can share your creativity on social media using the hashtag #Grumpkin.

As far as your own cats are concerned on Howl’oween, please keep them indoors, preferably sequestered to a room with food,water and litter if you are expecting your doorbell to ring nonstop.

And PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE  lock up your black cats well before October 31 and don’t let them roam outside. There are still devil worshippers out there who kidnap and sacrifice black cats.

There are a lot of fun cat costumes this year at PetSmart too. But honestly, most cats don’t like to dress up so consider them for a fun photograph for Instagram and remove after your photo shoot.

But you have to admit a cat dressed as a panda is CUTE!