Symptom Checker To Help WIth Dog Allergies

Our pets suffer from allergies, just as people do, and, often those allergies are food-related. As nutritionist Adelle Davis said, “You are what your eat.” And that applies to our pets too.

In order to find out whether our dogs have food-related issues, Nestle Purina has devised a simple Symptom Checker  to help pet parents try and evaluate whether their pooch’s itchy skin for example, is food related.

Nestle Purina is indeed a leader when it comes to research behind the scenes and the teams of nutritionists and  scientists ensconced at their headquarters is impressive. Try out the symptom checker for yourself. And if  the results reveal your dog has food related issues, the company has launched  a  new hypoallergenic diet, Purina Veterinary Diets® HA Hydrolyzed™ Canine Chicken Flavor Formula.

Often a change in nutrition can be a “quick fix”.

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