Must-Have Books!

I am always thrilled when some of my favorite colleagues bring out new books. One can’t help casting a critical eye; it’s only human nature right? All the more reason to rave about the books when they really hit the high mark and are absolutely fabulous.

So I can truly say that the latest books from Jackson Galaxy co-authored by Kate Benjamin and the behavior book from The American College of Veterinary Behaviorists co-authored by colleague Steve Dale are must haves for the bookshelf.

Because both are very informative and thus pass my MUST HAVE test, I have published them here under product reviews ( even though they don’t strictly pass as products).

Catification: Designing a Happy and Stylish Home for Your Cat (and You!)


We all know Jackson from his hugely popular TV show My Cat from Hell. Kate Benjamin is the tour de force behind the website and together they have combined their knowledge to produce a book that will make every cat parent’s home more cat friendly with some really fun DIY projects. It’s beautifully laid out and thus very easy to read and work from. And there’s lots of fabulous advice from Jackson.  The ideal gift for every cat purrson!

Decoding Your Dog


Decoding Your Dog details common dog behaviors and problems and how to solve them. The book showcases the knowledge of some of America’s top behaviorists and answers every-day questions from how to crate train a puppy, to how to prepare a dog for when a new baby joins a household, and, even deals with how to deal with everyday doggie fears such as thunder storms.

Place it in a very accessible location on your bookshelf. You will be reaching for it regularly! It’s a grrrreat go-to reference.

The Secret Life of Cats

secret lifeAnd talking about gifts, I don’t know illustrator Rowan Barnes-Murphy but I can certainly relate to his wonderful illustrations and captions in The Secret Life of Cats. He definitely understands our conniving, curious kitties. Think of this book when you are shopping for stocking stuffers as the holiday season gets closer. On the other hand, it’s a fun book for any occasion that requires taking a gift.

No, none of my testers were involved in these reviews. These comments reflect my purrsonal opinion.

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