Motorola Scout 66 Pet Video Monitor

It’s no secret that I have a working relationship with Motorola. But I only align myself with products that I truly believe in some way improve our experience as pet parents or the general health and wellbeing of our fur kids. And the Scout 66 pet video monitor is such a product.

I love the idea of being able to play “I spy” on my pets. I travel a lot and its very re-assuring to check in on my phone or iPad to see that all is well at home. After all, it’s simply another human lifestyle trend that has crossed over in to the pet space. We’ve been monitoring our babies for a long time thanks to this technology.

The Scout 66, is the newest pet video monitor from this company and offers HD clarity of your pet’s favorite snooze zone, feeding station or wherever you have decided to direct the fixed lens. The quality of the image is an improvement on the Scout 1. It is wireless and works in conjunction with a phone, tablet or computer via a free downloadable app called the Hubble.

Other features include being able to talk to your pets through the camera, playing them a selection of melodies to soothe them if they are anxious being home alone and there is also a temperature feature which allows you to monitor the ambient temperature of the room in which the camera is set up. Also it has infrared night vision and you can also take snap shots of what’s happening at home.

I really like the idea of being able to check in simply for peace of mind and I do it regularly! But its also great if a pet has just had surgery and you want to ensure they are not trying to remove their bandages, and for elderly pets that, like elderly people, need constant monitoring.

Technology is really coming into its own in the pet space and this means that people have more options to choose from between activity monitors, GPS trackers and more. So price is very important. The Scout 66 sells for $99. For me, as Bob Barker would say and Drew Carey would echo – the price is right.

Fudge and Ziggy snoozed peacefully through my tests for this product. Okay, I witnessed the occasional kitty “rumble”…

The Scout 66 gets my MUST HAVE stamp of approval.

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