The PURRfect Cat Collar


Ziggy showing off his new pink collar to Fudge. When you are a a boy cat, pink is the new orange.

I believe that EVERY domestic pet — both cat and dog should wear a collar. Even if they after microchipped, a collar sends the message that this pet has a home and belongs to someone. SO a collar along with an ID tag is as far as I am concerned an essential because its easy for someone to call a number of a collar — even if the number is linked to the microchip recovery base.

There are collars and there are collars. For me, one criteria that really matters is whether the collar my furkids  wear rubs the hair away beneath the collar. Many synthetic materials do in fact rub the hair. That’s why I really like natural materials such as hemp.

The Good Dog Company make great collars for both dogs and cats. The cat one is nice and narrow — only  3/8” in width and allows enough adjustments to go from a  7” neck size up to a 13” neck size. The collars also feature a break-away Kitty Klip for safety. They are available in eight popular colors produced from natural non-toxic dyes. Further they are very hard-wearing and thus long-lasting. My kitties have been wearing hemp for a while and they look as good as new.

cat collars stacked


The Hemp collar from The Good Dog Company gets my MUST HAVE  stamp of approval.

The testers for this review was Ziggy and Fudge. (Yes she wears one too.)

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