The Plush Pet Bed

Plush Pet Bed review

Plush Pet Bed review

It’s probably fair to say that I have inspected dozens, if not hundreds of pet beds. Last year, beds was a category I researched for Consumers Digest magazine and they don’t talk about “a category” but instead refer to it as a “product universe” because there are so many makes and styles. So I would like to think I am an authority even if I haven’t personally “tested” them. But that’s only because I can’t fit into them and thus I have rely on my testing team.

Thus it was truly a surprise and very refreshing one at that, to discover a new bed with a design that I had never seen before. The designers at the Plush Pet Company have taken a dog’s instinctive nesting trait into account in their patented design. They have perfectly stitched a soft cuddly blanket into the interior of the bed. This allows dogs to circle and play with the blanket, even covering themselves in order to create the perfect sleeping spot before finally collapsing to snooze. The way it’s designed they able to move it around without removing it from the bed and dragging it out. Simple. Clever. The fabrics are stylish upholstery materials and the inner mattress is eco-friendly as it made from recycled bottles. But again, the mattress seems to have extra “squish” than most beds eco-friendly beds out there. In a single word, dogs love them.


So now the big test; what would discerning felines have to say about them? I know the market has to cater independently to dog and cats. But I can honestly say that my cats have always preferred the design of dog beds. They are more bolstered and often have higher sides than the feline equivalent and this adds to their comfort – and keeps out draughts.

So I put down the new Plush. It didn’t take five minutes and Both Fudge and Ziggy came to inspect. Ziggy climbed in, stretched and that was that!. When he went off to use the litter box, Fudge jumped in and when he returned he actually sat on her in order to get back in it! And it’s been like that ever since. So often I have seen people buy beds for their pets and they will buy just about anything with not much fore thought. I believe a pet bed should indeed been a comfort zone and this is particularly important if the pet is elderly or has have surgery. Nursing dogs and cats also need to be taken into account. This bed answers all these needs and more.

Needless to say, someone vomited and it cleaned up easily and without a trace. I moved ours into the living area so that when it’s used, my fur kids know they are still hanging with us. Since bringing it into the house – no one has been near the five other beds we have in the house.

The Plush Pet bed gets the Reigning Cats and Dogs Blog’s “Must-Have” stamp of approval.

Product testers for this product were Fudge, ZIggy and Fergie.