New Facial Recognition App Designed To Reunite lost Dogs With Owners

facial recognition app to find lost pets

facial recognition app to find lost pets It seems that technology is becoming a dog’s and a cat’s best friend. Now there is a new facial recognition app called Finding Rover, specially designed to find lost pets and re-unite them with their owners through the app and the service’s website. Thus it combines live-saving technology with pet-centric social networking. And its free to sign up.

Recently, San Diego County Animal Services became the first shelter in the nation to use new facial-recognition app to save lost dogs.

Here is how it works:

Simply register your dog(s) on Finding Rover by uploading their photographs onto the website. This ensures your dog’s face is in the system. If your dog ever gets away from you, all it takes is a few clicks on Finding Rover, and digital “Lost” posters are sent to every member within 10 miles.

And if you find a lost dog, all you have to do it take its photograph and upload the photograph to the website too. When a found dog is reported, a notification is also sent to every member in a 10-mile radius so that hopefully the owner can be reunited quickly.

Shelters that use Finding Rover are better equipped to serve their community. For example, Finding Rover members in San Diego can now check every shelter to see if their dog has been impounded.

By the end of Summer 2014, the Finding Rover team hopes to have over 300 shelters nationwide utilizing Finding Rover’s revolutionary facial recognition technology. If your shelter does not yet use Finding Rover, your community as a whole can still help lost dogs get home by simply taking pictures and posting them to the site

People post pictures of Lost and Found dogs on social media all the time, but the success rate of reunited the pet their owner is low. Finding Rover facial recognition technology is said to be 98 per cent accurate therefore, lost dogs will stand a better chance of being reunited with this technology in play.