Body Glove Neoprene Mat

Neoprene Body Glove mat for dogs

Neoprene Body Glove mat for dogs


The brand Body Glove is synonymous with the invention and pioneering of the neoprene wet suit. Now there is also a licensed Body Glove range of pet products just released in time for summer.

The line includes pet floatation devices, roll-up mats, leashes, and bowls, carriers, apparel such as fun hats and toys. Many of the products utilize neoprene, Body Glove’s signature material – in their design.

Reigning Cats and Dogs product tester Dani is summer fun beach bum and the perfect candidate to try out the roll up mat.

While is works well as a beach mat, Derek, Dani’s pet parent decided to use it in his truck after a day at the beach.

“The mat worked well and did keep some water out of my truck. It also collected a fair amount of sand, which I was easily able to just shake off onto the ground when we got home.”

Dani tested the small size; clearly the large size would be better for a dog of her size. In fact a large would be worth considering even for a small dog, to give more room to move around on it and for greater coverage if used in a vehicle too.

A neoprene mat is ideal for camping and general outdoor activities.

The Body Glove Neoprene Mat gets the Reigning Cats and Dogs Blog’s “Must-Have” stamp of approval.

Product tester for this review was Dani.

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