Build A Bone

build a bone toy, sandy robins pet lifestyle expert reigning cats and dogs blog

build a bone toy, sandy robins pet lifestyle expert reigning cats and dogs blog

One way to really show love to your dog is through playtime and toys. Besides buying our pets toys and seeing their utter delight is a huge joy. It’s no different to spoiling our human children. I really love the new Build A Bone toy from Petsafe. The idea is really clever. Your simply purchase two bone-shaped ends made from a durable chewable non-toxic material and a post. Then you have a choice of different rings that you can add to the post to build the bone. The rings all offer different chewing surfaces to make it interesting and simultaneously keep teeth clean.

Chewing is a great exercise for the jaw and shoulders and is also a great stress reliever.

The idea of customizing a toy especially for your dog is a great one! There’s no better way to show love and affection. The average bone will cost around $12 to build. Check the Petsafe website to find a specialty retailer where you can build a bone.

The PETSAFE Build A Bone gets the Reigning Cats and Dogs Blog’s “Must-Have” stamp of approval.

Product tester for this review was Clancy.

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