The Whistle Activity Monitor

This sleek lightweight device is like a Fitbit but for dogs.Whistle Activity Monitor product review Reigning Cats andDogs blog Sandy Robins Pet Lifestyle Expert

It attaches to a dog’s collar and monitors activity levels and creates a timeline to help pet parents make more informed decisions about their pet’s health and needs and comparisons can be made with other dogs of the same breed.

The device was given to product tester Cooper to test. His mother is a busy mom with two kids and a baby on the way. Cooper gets lots of exercise at home in the garden and playing with family members but doesn’t get to visit a dog park. This is the feedback from his pet parent:

“The design of the product is cool. It’s small, sleek and most importantly, lightweight and Cooper isn’t aware that it’s on his collar. It’s also waterproof.

“It was very easy to set up. The whole process took about 5 minutes

“It has excellent battery life. A one-hour charge kept it going for nine days. The device, which works with a free mobile app available for both Apple and Android, also has a battery life indicator.

“The Whistle allows you to set goals and share progress with your friends on Facebook and Twitter and I love this interaction.

whistle activity monitor PetSmart Sandy Robins product review Reigning Cats and Dogs blog

“Further, it sends an alert to your phone when a goal has been met.

“After using it for a week, I was very impressed with how easy it is to use.

“My kids love to check to see how Cooper is doing with his goals and he’s been exceeding them! Further, as a pet parent it’s re-assuring to know that although he doesn’t have a social life in dog parks, he is in fact getting enough activity in his home environment. And because it tracks rest patterns, as well, I can see how Cooper is sleeping, which is interesting.”

The Whistle Activity Monitor costs $129 from PetSmart 

The Whistle Activity Monitor gets my “Must-Have” rating.

Product tester for this review was Cooper.

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