The Upside or Downside of Hairballs …

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Fudge has aways suffered from hairballs. To make matters even worse, she really doesn’t any being brushed with any kind of grooming tool. Occasionally I brush her  down with a Zoom Groom, its large rubber teeth give a nice massage at the same time. She’ll hang around briefly, then protest loudly and leave.

Lately she’s been growing up a lot of hairballs which has me rushing around with the Pruven removing signs from the carpets and of course my favorite Dhurrie rugs. Often its difficult to really see the color of the hair being thrown up because the saliva that comes with it is usually a brownish /yellow color as a result of her last meal.

But the other day I could have sworn the hair she  threw up was grey. Fudge is white with chocolate tabby  patches. Definitely not grey. Then something struck me. It was Ziggy’s grey fur.

Well  it would probably take a DNA test to determine if I am correct. But suddenly it made perfect sense as to why she suddenly had a spate of hair balls.  Fudge absolutely loves Ziggy. They play together, sleep together and yes, Fudge grooms her incessantly!

That’s why Ziggy hardly ever spews up fur and Fudge hairball projectiles have increased.

Go figure, such is the price of furry love…