Petlinks® Bottle Buddy™ Dog Toy

Bottle Buddy dog toy Sandy Robins plastic bottles

Bottle Buddy dog toy Sandy Robins plastic bottles

Now this is a clever toy!

The bottle buddy is a rubber connector that comes in a ball shape and a cross shape to which ordinary recycled plastic bottles are connected.

Dogs love the crackly noise of plastic and this simply brings hours of  cheap fun.

It’s ideal for games of tug o’ war between pets and people or, between two or more dogs. It also floats., making it an ideal pool toy.

This ine one dog toy you won’t mind them destroying because its simply a matter of disposing of the chewed up plastic bottles, recycling them and replacing with other bottles you have just emptied. It’s a win-win in the recycling game.

Petlinks® Bottle Buddy™ Dog Toy gets my “Must-Have” rating.

Product tester for this review was Dani.

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