First, the ThunderShirt, now the ThunderSweater

ThunderSweater, dog, anxiety pet life style ,sandy robins, reigning cats and dogs blog
ThunderSweater, dog, anxiety pet life style ,sandy robins, reigning cats and dogs blog
Cooper modeling his ThunderSweater

One of the reasons Cooper auditioned to join the Reigning Cats and Dogs Product Testers team is that as a Jack Russell-Beagle mix he has barking, hyper-activity and anxiety issues!

The perfect pooch to test, inter alia, behavior modification products.

The ThunderShirt has proven itself to be a winner for both cats and dogs. So when the company brought out the latest version, the ThunderSweater, I was keen to ensure it did the same job.

The ThunderSweater is in fact a ThunderShirt with an additional clip-on Stylish sweater that goes on top.

“It was a little tricky to put on first time,” admits Cooper’s pet parent, “But once I figured it out, it was fine. The under part is the basic ThunderShirt, and then the sweater snaps on top. It is very stylish, and the perfect weight for cold weather in Louisiana when the temperature is usually around 35-37 degrees in the mornings.

“The swaddling effect of the garment has definitely had a calming effect on him. He is definitely barking less and far calmer generally. In fact the first time he wore it, he promptly went and found a sunbeam and fell asleep.

For truly sub-zero temperatures, there is also the ThunderCoat to consider.

The ThunderSweater gets my “Must-Have” rating.

Product tester for this review was Cooper.

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